Best poker app for Android


The PokerConnect app is the best poker app for Android that allows Android users to play with iOS users. A never before seen gameplay feature that was bound to happen, brought to you through the PokerConnect app. Be one of the first to use this cross platform app and experience a new and unique way of playing poker with your friends. This poker app for android will connect your and your friends’ mobile devices via a Wi-Fi network, which allows you to play with each other. Playing a game of poker has never been so easy with the PokerConnect app for Android.


PokerConnect app

PokerConnect is the new, innovative and fun way of playing poker with your friends. This app is the first cross platform poker dealer app, which allows you to play a game of online poker between iOS and Android devices with your friends. 

Be one of the first to experience the new way of playing poker with your friends by simply pressing a single button on your tablet or phone to start a game. No more shuffling or dealing through the new poker table app on your smartphone or tablet. Will you compare yourself to the best poker player from the old west, or profile yourself as the new king or queen of Las Vegas? Bluff yourself to victory in the new innovative poker dealer app: PokerConnect.

After you have registered you can edit your profile with an image and a name. Your image and name will be displayed at the poker table for all the other players to see. You can create your own identity to impress your opponents. A Poker game is enjoyed the most with friends, so why exclude certain friends because of the type of phone they use? Select the chip count and the amount of players, and the seats at the poker table are ready to be taken by your friends. 

One the central device is set up, everybody can connect to it through the same Wi-Fi network and the game is ready to begin. 
Every player will use his or her own device as playing hand to call, raise or fold. A central device needs to be set up where the devices of the players will connect to through a Wi-Fi connection. The gameplay will also be shown on this display. There is no need for physical cards or chips thanks to 

To play a game of poker your will need credits. If you run out of credits, you can always buy some more as in-app purchase so you’ll never miss a game. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to spend money then you don’t have to. PokerConnect will give you a free credit every day so you won’t go a day without a fun and exciting game of poker.  


Easy gameplay

Join in on the fun of the game and invite your friends to this new and unique way of playing poker. With this new cards shuffler app you don’t have to worry about who is the dealer anymore.



This is the first app that makes it possible to play cross-platform. In the app it is possible to play the game with a minimum of two and a maximum of 10 people.


Earn free credits

Poker is all about status and recognition, so make sure your poker profile is the one to look out for. You can adjust your own profile to how you want to present yourself.


User profile

To play a game of poker in the app, you need to have credits. Every day you get one free credit to enter a poker game.

Poker with friends app

The PokerConnect app allows you to play a game of poker with a minimum of two and a maximum of 10 people. Let your friends join in on the fun and invite them to a new and innovative way of playing poker. It doesn’t matter if you have iOS and they have Android, because a unique feature of the PokerConnect app is the cross platform interaction and compatibility.  This way all your friends can play with you no matter the type of device they are using. Sign in on the same WIFI network, pick a chair, deal the cards and start playing!  Every player chooses his or her virtual seat at the table, which is the central device where the chip count and bets are shown. With a simple press of a button you and your friends can immerse yourself like true poker stars or simply learn the basics by having fun with each other.

Who would have thought? Android and iOS devices, playing together in harmony, at the poker table. Well it happened, and it’s all thanks to PokerConnect, the best poker app for Android.