Best poker app for iOS


Ever wondered about the possibility to download the best poker app for iOS, but don’t know which you have to choose? Well you don’t have to worry anymore because the poker app PokerConnect is the new and exciting way to play poker on your mobile device with all your friends! There is no need for shuffling or dealing cards by hand, or setting up a table to play. With PokerConnect you’re just one button away from a night filled with the fun of poker. Just set up your main device and let your friends connect to the same network, pick out a seat at the virtual poker table and start the game. Playing a poker game with for example friends or colleagues from work has never been so easy and simple to do with the poker table app PokerConnect!


PokerConnect app

A unique feature which puts PokerConnect in front of the competition is the cross platform multiplayer option. The cross platform feature makes it possible to play play as iOS against Android. This means that you can challenge almost all of your friends!

Of course there are poker games that you can play alone. But where is the fun in that? With the PokerConnect you will get the whole poker experience! The cards and poker table are virtual, but the bluffs and poker faces are real! 

Starting a game is very easy to do. The first thing you need to do is place down your central device. This could be a smartphone or a tablet if you want a bigger playing field and it’s easier to read information off the central device that way. Once you have set up the central device and are connected to the Wi-Fi network, you have to choose if you want to use virtual chips on the central device, or your very own chips you can lay on the table. Now your friends can all pick a seat on the central device and the game is ready to start.
To play a game of poker in the PokerConnect app, you need to have credits. If you run out of credits you can always buy them in-app. The PokerConnect app will also give you a free credit every day, so one way or the other: you can play poker!  

You play the game on your smartphone or tablet and PokerConnect deals the cards for you. Every player will use his own device as playing hand to call, raise or fold. It has never been easier to start a game of poker! Create your own identity and impress your opponents. Besides the adjustable profile, your profile will also display the number of games won, lost and how many chips are in stack, so make sure you win enough to impress your friends!


Easy gameplay

Join in on the fun of the game and invite your friends to this new and unique way of playing poker. With this new cards shuffler app you don’t have to worry about who is the dealer anymore.



This is the first app that makes it possible to play cross-platform. In the app it is possible to play the game with a minimum of two and a maximum of 10 people.


Earn free credits

Poker is all about status and recognition, so make sure your poker profile is the one to look out for. You can adjust your own profile to how you want to present yourself.


User profile

To play a game of poker in the app, you need to have credits. Every day you get one free credit to enter a poker game.

Free poker app

Get the PokerConnect app now in the AppStore and Google Play Store for free! After you have downloaded the PokerConnect app you can start a game very simple and quick. Just start up the central device and you’re ready to go. When a player wants to join they need to connect their device to the central device that is set up through the same Wi-Fi network as the central device. The device in the hand of the players will show them which cards they have been dealt and allows them to perform certain actions like folding, calling or going all-in. All the actions the players make will be displayed on the central device in front of them.

So if you’re in for some real life poker action, just download the best poker app for iOS PokerConnect and you’re good to go!