Card shuffle app


The PokerConnect app is the innovative and new card shuffle app that allows you to play poker with your friends on a mobile device. The unique selling point is the cross platform multiplayer, which allows iOS users to play with android players on a wide range of devices. A couple of friends, your personal mobile devices, a WIFI connection and the PokerConnect app are the only things you need to have a fun night filled with poker action. It’s all just one press of button away to become a true poker star.


PokerConnect app

Poker has been around for a very long time and it’s still getting more popular thanks to the new technologies that make playing poker in a different way possible. PokerConnect is a very good example of this. The new poker card shuffle app uses multiple devices that are connected to a central device to create virtual poker table. The devices has to be connected to the same WIFI network to connect. Players pick out their chair on the central device and the game can start. You can use your own chips or choose to use the chips PokerConnect offers through the central device. All the cards are dealt automatically so there won’t be any tricky card shuffling involved. 

Starting and playing a game of poker has never been this fast and easy. You play the game on your personal smartphone or tablet and PokerConnect deals the cards for you. Every player will use his or her own device as playing hand to call, raise or fold. The central device will display the flop, turn and the river, as well as the actions players initiate like calling, folding, raising or going all-in. It is very easy, doesn't cost a lot of time and you can play with your friends!

Your profile will be displayed on the central device, so make sure it all looks good or else your friends might see through your bluff. Your wins and losses are also shown on the central device, so try to win as much as possible to keep that number up! Let your friends join the poker game, because it doesnt matter if they use iOS or Android, now you can share the fun through the cross platform interaction and compatibility the PokerConnect app offers. 

Credits are needed to play a game of poker in PokerConnect. You will recieve a free credit daily to play a game of poker with your friends. If you would like to play more games, additional credits can be purchased in-app so you can continue your way to becoming the best poker player in your group of friends.
 This is why you never have to stop playing! 


Easy gameplay

Join in on the fun of the game and invite your friends to this new and unique way of playing poker. With this new cards shuffler app you don’t have to worry about who is the dealer anymore.



This is the first app that makes it possible to play cross-platform. In the app it is possible to play the game with a minimum of two and a maximum of 10 people.


Earn free credits

Poker is all about status and recognition, so make sure your poker profile is the one to look out for. You can adjust your own profile to how you want to present yourself.


User profile

To play a game of poker in the app, you need to have credits. Every day you get one free credit to enter a poker game.

How does it work?

Place one of your mobile devices on the table and set it up as a central device. This can be either a smartphone or a tablet if you want a larger playing field. The central device will give you two options; play with virtual chips or use your own. After this you need to select how many players will be joining your virtual table. A minimum of two and a maximum of ten players can join. They do this by connecting to the same WIFI connection the central device is connected to. They can select their virtual seat at the table and the game is ready to start. On the central device the players can see which cards are dealt like the flop, river and turn but also which actions are being performed by the players at the table. The central device will show when someone is calling, raising or going all-in. Each player uses their own personal mobile devices that will act as their hand with the cards displayed.

Who will be the best poker player at the virtual poker table? Who dares to go all-in and call someone’s bluff? Find out in the new exciting and unique card shuffle app called PokerConnect!