Electronic poker table


Do you want to play poker in an innovative way? Are you tired of playing poker with cards? Start playing poker now as one of the first with PokerConnect, an electronic poker table app where you can play a game of poker in a challenging and innovative way. This is the first poker app in which it is possible to play cross-platform between Android and iOS devices. The new and unique electronic poker table app PokerConnect is the ideal app to play a fun game of poker with your friends.


PokerConnect app

Why mess around with cards, a slow dealer and stacks of chips that keep falling over when you can replace them with virtual versions! The PokerConnect app is focused around smooth and easy gameplay to make sure you are only seconds away of starting a game of poker with your friends. The PokerConnect app is the way to go when you want to play poker with your friends without any of the hassle.

In this day and age of mobile poker apps it doesn’t matter what kind of device you use, because the PokerConnect app lets Android and iOS users join in on the poker fun together. Just connect your devices to the selected central device and the poker table is ready to join. Do you want to raise, call or go all in? It’s all just a single button press away on your personal device. This device will also display your current hand and chip count. The central device will act as the electronic poker table where all the exciting action will take place. Easy, fast and fun gameplay, that is what the PokerConnect app is all about.
Invite your friends and start playing! You don’t have to deal cards anymore and to start a new game is just one push on a button. To play a game of poker was never this fast and easy. Enjoy the new way of playing poker.

When you download the PokerConnect app you need to register your profile so you can start playing with your friends. They will see your profile sitting at the electronic poker table, so you need to make sure it looks as impressive as your skills are. Every player at the table needs to master the poker face. 
When you run out of credits but still want to play a quick game, you can always buy extra credits in-app to continue in the game you lost or to start a whole new game of poker. Now you never have to miss a game! 


Easy gameplay

Join in on the fun of the game and invite your friends to this new and unique way of playing poker. With this new cards shuffler app you don’t have to worry about who is the dealer anymore.



This is the first app that makes it possible to play cross-platform. In the app it is possible to play the game with a minimum of two and a maximum of 10 people.


Earn free credits

Poker is all about status and recognition, so make sure your poker profile is the one to look out for. You can adjust your own profile to how you want to present yourself.


User profile

To play a game of poker in the app, you need to have credits. Every day you get one free credit to enter a poker game.

Mobile poker game

Poker has become a very popular game throughout the years. It has more players than ever and has spread all over the world with different variations, one more popular than the other. Poker has grown, but so has technology, so it was bound to happen that the two would meet. The PokerConnect app is the perfect translation of cross platform gaming on mobile devices, which makes it a unique, and innovative mobile poker game to play with your friends! You play the game on your smart phone or tablet and the cards will be dealt for you within seconds. Every player will use his or her own device as a playing hand to call, raise or fold. On the central device the gameplay will be shown. Every player can choose a seat on the central device and the amount of chips and bets are shown on this central device as well.

The PokerConnect app makes sure the gameplay is fast and easy, so you can enjoy your game of poker even more. PokerConnect is the way to go for a quick, easy and fun game of poker at the electronic poker table!