Poker card shuffler


PokerConnect poker card shuffler is probably the easiest and fastest way to start up a poker game when you are with your friends. PokerConnect is not just a poker game, it's a poker game where no cards, chips and internet is needed. You can play everywhere you want at every moment with your friends. While almost every one of us has a smartphone on hand 24/7, only a few of us have a deck of cards in our pockets as well. Which is why this app, that creates a virtual poker game, is such a handy, challenging and innovative way to play poker with your friends, colleagues or family.


Poker app

The PokerConnect app has maximal features and options and is incredibly useful for everyone. Start the app on a bunch of Android and iOS devices all on the same wireless network and it becomes a virtual poker game in real life. With the PokerConnect app you’ll never have to deal anymore. PokerConnect does all the work for you! This poker app could really save the day. There are a lot of situations, like the times you are bored with a group of friends. The only thing you and your friends need at this moment is the PokerConnect app and you don’t have to worry about having cards and chips.

Further functionalities the PokerConnect app has, include:

  • Fast and easy to learn gameplay.
  • Cross platform Multiplayer.
  • User profile.
  • Free credits every day.

Invite your friends to this new and unique way of playing poker and join in on the fun of PokerConnect. With this new poker table app you don’t have to worry about who is the dealer anymore. A unique aspect of the PokerConnect app is the smooth interaction between iOS and Android. It doesn’t matter what device you are playing on, everybody with an iOS or Android device can join the game. Poker is not always about being lucky or having skills. Sometimes a simple bluff can win you a pot or a whole game. To do so, it’s important for you to create a poker profile that will impress your opponents the moment you enter the game.

To play a game of poker in the PokerConnect app, you will need credits. Everyday PokerConnect will give you one credit so you will never go a day without a fun and exciting game of poker with your friends. 
If you run out of credits you can always buy credits which are available to buy in-app so you wont miss any poker games and the opportunity to win. Make sure to win big, so you can impress your opponents with the amount of chips you own and show them whos the poker king!


Easy gameplay

Join in on the fun of the game and invite your friends to this new and unique way of playing poker. With this new cards shuffler app you don’t have to worry about who is the dealer anymore.



This is the first app that makes it possible to play cross-platform. In the app it is possible to play the game with a minimum of two and a maximum of 10 people.


Earn free credits

Poker is all about status and recognition, so make sure your poker profile is the one to look out for. You can adjust your own profile to how you want to present yourself.


User profile

To play a game of poker in the app, you need to have credits. Every day you get one free credit to enter a poker game.

Poker dealer app

This poker app is completely free, unlike that poker game you play at the casino. Participate in the poker revolution, a new Dutch finding and test your luck now by playing against your friends. A minimum of two and a maximum of ten players can join the table and start playing poker with you. The only thing they need to do is connect to the same Wi-Fi network the central device is connected to. The device that you set up as a central device will act as the playing field. If you want a bigger playing field we suggest that you use a tablet, but a phone works fine too. The central device will show the players that are in the game and what kind of are performed during a turn. Besides showing the actions, the central device will also show which cards are dealt like the flop, the river and the turn. On the personal devices, that the players will use, will show the actions you can do while playing, like calling, raising, folding or going all-in.

This app guarantees that you always got a deck of cards on hand. So go to the AppStore or the Google Play Store and download the poker card shuffler app PokerConnect now!